Monday, February 25, 2008


Here is a before and after picture of the Grogan residence installed in 2005. The project followed a very typical process of consultation, design, quoting, installation and maintenance.
  1. Initial consultation (deposit required)
  2. Concept Drawings
  3. Meet with client
  4. Final Drawings
  5. Quote
  6. Contract package (includes drawings, specifications, plant lists, payment schedule and detailed quote)
  7. Installation
  8. Maintenance


  1. Ecoman provides landscaping and gardening services using ecologically sensitive, socially acceptable and economically sustainable materials and methods. To do this we have developed a practical approach that balances these factors and are listed below:


  1. Reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  2. Increase awareness of and encourage use of natural processes to provide desired results
  3. Reduce waste
  4. Recycle extra stone, soil, asphalt and compost plant residues
  5. Choose plants that are appropriate for the site
  6. Where possible source quality materials that are produced locally and are environmentally friendly
  7. Purchase organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and/or other alternative apparel
  8. Reduce use of paper by using email for communication, invoicing etc.
  9. Use recycled paper for communication
  10. Purchase biodiesel
  11. Use autoshare for meetings with clients instead of purchasing a new car


  1. Gardening is done with rakes and brooms to reduce noise pollution
  2. Workers are paid a living wage
  3. Ecoman respects human rights and does not descriminate on the basis of race, colour sexual orientation or gender
  4. Workers are trained regarding potential hazards
  5. Ecoman pays worker safety and insurance board (WSIB) fees
  6. Clients are treated with respect


  1. Ecoman charges a fair rate based on the cost of doing business
  2. Identify efficiencies
  3. Eliminate waste through careful estimating of materials required
  4. Identify appropriate technology for required tasks
  5. Increase concentration of clients within ideal work area(s)
  6. Provide clients with detailed estimates and quotes
  7. Provide clients with material(s) choices to suit any budget

Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Newsletter

Another Spring appears to be upon us, although you wouldn’t know it from the mounds of snow in front of our house! This note is to remind everyone that we are booking spring cleanups and gardening services beginning April 1st. Unfortunately, due to the large amounts of snow coupled with cool temperatures, it is likely that many gardens will be too wet to work in for several weeks. Please feel free to call or email and discuss your specific situation regarding your garden. I thought I would also take this opportunity to update you regarding Ecoman for the coming year.

Most of our crew from last year will be back, Rohan, Brandon, Tinka and of course Brian are all confirmed. In addition, we have added Jeff, who will be providing our clients with design and build services for landscaping projects. Several new and interesting projects are in the works for this season.

As you may know Ecoman has been involved in quite a few green roof projects over the past several years. This year we are set to install our second residential greenroof in the beach, that involved retrofitting the structure of the roof to allow for the increased weight. We have also begun a grey water project in the Annex, that will involve the capture and use of waste water from sinks in the house for watering in the garden. Other efforts regarding the environment include continued use of biofuel in the dumptruck and membership to Autoshare. Rising gas prices may well increase our costs this year, however, rather than pass this additional cost to you, Ecoman has embarked on a new pilot project set to launch this spring.

If you live within the area delineated by Davenport and Dundas on the north and south, and by Dufferin and St. George on the east and west, you may be eligible for our calorie powered gardening service. A new crew will be formed that will include all the standard features and capabilities of our regular gardening crew, only they will arrive by bike pulling a customized cart. The bike cart crew is being mobilized to tackle light gardening tasks such as pruning vines, shrubs and roses, sweeping and raking, transplanting and dividing perennials and planting. If you live outside the area mentioned above but still want to be serviced in this way, please contact us and we can discuss your situation.

Although costs of fuel are rising and will likely continue to rise throughout the summer we have decided to keep our pricing the same for our clients from previous years. New clients will be charged out at 35$/hr plus materials to reflect our rising cost of doing business. This price will likely be phased in for all our clients as of spring 2009. Speaking of pricing we will continue to send out invoices by email and will also introduce email payment options for your convenience.

I have tried to keep this note brief but so much has happened since last fall! With spring cleanups around the corner, green projects on the go, a calorie powered gardening crew and a new improved payment options we have been busy this winter. Please contact us to book your spring visit, discuss special needs or begin a new project in the garden. I look forward to hearing from you.



(416) 556-5516