Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Newsletter

Yet another spring is around the corner and the phone is ringing already due to the warm weather. We have begun scheduling spring cleanups so give us a call or email at your earliest convenience. This year is filled with changes and we would like to take a moment and share them with you. We have new developments in our services, personnel changes, new updates for the blog, and of course HST to discuss.

Although we have some changes in personnel, Rohan is back for another season to head up the gardening crew. We have recently added Rachel who is in her second year horticulture diploma at Humber College. On the landscaping side we are sad that Brandon has moved on (he is travelling the world and as we speak is somewhere between Thialand and Australia). We are happy to have Mike back for another season, and of course we still have Tinka for containers, plant selection and design. Along with changes in personnel we are proud to announce the introduction of a new technology.

This year we are implementing electronic timekeeping to help improve accurate billing and keep better records of what services we provide. The new technology is also the foundation of a new service we are introducing this year. Ecoman's Exterior Property and Garden Inspection is a comprehensive detailed assessment that covers gardens, plants walkways and patios. Our paperless report provides you with a status report of the garden including detailed recommendations regarding key priority areas. We are offering this service for a flat rate fee of just 199.99. Clients that hire us to carry out work based on our recommendations will receive a refund up to the full amount. In order to properly test out the new service we are offering our existing clients a no obligation inspection absolutely free to the first five callers.

In addition to the new software upgrades we have recently updated the blog to include pictures of landscaping projects from last year. Please click the http://ecoman-ecoman.blogspot.com link to see what the landscaping crew has been up to. In addition to all the technological changes and personnel changes we need to update you on new legislation that will impact you.

The introduction of the HST in the middle of the season means that starting July1st we will be required to charge 13% tax for all gardening and landscaping services. If you would like to prepay for the entire season before July 1st you can avoid HST for this season. If this is not an option for you, take small comfort in knowing that you already paid GST and PST on materials for our jobs, the HST only impacts the labour portion of your bill. Furthermore you will be receiving reductions in your income taxes to offset the additional charges.

So there you have it new season, new personnel, new technology, new services and new taxes. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your gardens in 2010!