Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now magazine list of cuts being considered: all horticultural activities

Item 10 for the 2012/13 budget: All horticultural activities 
Now Magazine reports list of cuts being considered

Fall is a great time for landscaping and gardening

Not everyone appreciates fall as a great time to complete landscape projects. One great thing about doing a landscape project in the fall is being able to enjoy it for a full season next spring. No waiting for a busy contractor to get it done before the in-laws come for the may long weekend! Also fall is great time for planting too, plants that will be going dormant soon still have time to establish root systems and will come up in spring to fill out in their new home. Below is a patio/walkway we just installed with a clay brick paver in a herringbone pattern.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alcorn Job

Here is a great example of really tricky difficult work. Two yards of soil removed with buckets, all that stone hand bombed down into the back and a narrow alleyway with irate neighbours not wanting our truck blocking the lane. Came out pretty nice though.
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Oriole Parkway Job

We found some old shut off valves on site and decided to fill them with coloured recycled glass and outdoor epoxy to complement the metal work.
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Sorauren Job

This job was replacing an old beat up driveway. We used sand for the base and joints since it has a lower pH than limestone, percolates water and therefore will be beneficial to the large Acer sacharinum (Silver Maple).
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This is a wet lay walkway using china silver grey square cut flagstone and a coursing stone garden edge. In order to make the curve for the client we installed the square cut flagstone first set the line and then cut the curve in one shot.
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