Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Newsletter

Well it is late February and we have had warm and cold snaps, snow in abundance and now as I look out my window rain. Although the official opening day for Ecoman is April 1st, we may be starting earlier weather dependent of course. So be sure to book early for your spring cleanups. I am writing to update the changes for 2011 including personnel, pricing and technology.We are very happy to announce that Rohan, Rachel, Mike and John are all coming back this year. We are sad to announce that Tinka will be leaving to pursue a managerial position at an upscale flower shop.Last year we rolled out our new timekeeping technology on the gardening side and were very happy with the result. This year we plan to expand the use of electronic timekeeping on the landscaping side. Although the use of electronic timekeeping resulted in savings for our clients we are aware that in spring and fall the addition of a third crewmember did add substantially to the bottom line.That is why we are adopting a small change in our pricing on the gardening side to help alleviate this concern. The new pricing system will be $45 for the crew leader and $25 for each member of the crew. This will result in no change to your hourly cost (since we always work as a two person crew therefore the hourly rate stays the same at $70). The savings will accrue when a third crew member charged out at $25 is added for large jobs and fall cleanups. The savings amounts to $10/hr compared to last year pricing for every hour we charge at the 3 person crew level. If you are wondering about our services and would like to see pictures of our work please follow the link provided here: This site is updated often so feel free to visit again soon. You can also search on the right hand side by category for specific topics such as landscaping or green roofs. Look out for a new feature that will show video footage of exterior home and garden inspections showing what we look for and recommendations.So there you have it, our core crew has returned for another season, electronic timekeeping has helped to improve service, our new pricing system will ensure cost savings on larger gardening jobs and our blog will keep you up to date on new projects, pictures and stories. I am looking forward to spring and hope to hear from you soon.Cheers,Jonas

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