Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reuse + Growing together = cool community project

Over the years we have donated our plastic pots of all sizes to Lara Lucretia for non-profit balcony planting projects. Lara has recently completed her hand illustrated Guide To Growing Food On Your Balcony. Her first printed run has sold out and she is currently looking for funding for her second run using Kickstarter (small pledges from the public are used to fund independent projects of all kinds). Although we missed seedy sunday, Lara promised she would grab some great seeds for the Ecoman postage stamp sized garden. Here is a link to Cubit's Organic Living: Seedy Sunday Toronto Recap. For those of you also missed out and are looking for the perfect heirloom tomato, special variety of basil or just want to schmooze with like minded gardener types there are two more seedy events March 12th and 27th.

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